Turbosmart WG40 Gen-V Motorsport Wastegate

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Turbosmart's Gen-V Compgate 40 External Wastegate w/ 14 PSI Spring set


  • Features Turbosmart's unique  collar-locking system
  • Variable actuator cap and base
  • Strap -type V-band clamps
  • Liquid cooling 1/8" NPT ports
  • Actuators are interchangeable across the range allowing those who need a large wastegate in a tight space which will allow you to run a smaller actuator on the larger body
  • The unique variable adjustment design will allow the wastegate actuator base to be oriented independently from the weld flanges, the cap is also completely independent and indexable in 12 different positions compared to the actuator base and body to allow fitment in confined positions
  • Upgradable and serviceable
  • Out-flows all competitors
  • Liquid cooling ports for better thermal performance
  • 14 psi spring included
  • 1/8" NPT ports for maximum boost control and response while maintaining a high level of compatibility for fittings


  • (1) Gen-V Compgate 40 External Wastegate
  • (1) Valve seat
  • (1) Inlet V-band clamp
  • (1) Inlet weld flange
  • (1) Outlet V-band clamp
  • (1) Outlet weld flange
  • (2) V-band clamps
  • Collar tool
  • Spring kit
  • Vacuum fittings
  • Port plugs