Radium Eng. Fuel Pump Wiring Kit

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  • Hardwire Kit for your Fuel Pump Setup. 
  • Order a wiring kit for EACH Fuel Pump

-Weatherproof SPDT 12V/40A Relay with Mounting Tab (x1)
-Weatherproof Relay Flying 12" Lead Connector (x1)
-Weatherproof Mini Fuse Holder with Mounting Tab (x1)
-Weatherproof Mini Fuse Flying Lead Connector (x1)
-Quick-Connect Posi-Tap "TRIGGER" Connector (x1)
-Raychem Crimpless Solder Heat Shrink Butt Splices (x4)
-10AWG 6mm Stud Ring Terminals (x4)
-10AWG 5mm Stud Ring Terminal (x1)
-10AWG Black TXL Wire (10ft)
-10AWG Red TXL Wire (10ft)
-25A LED Blade Mini Fuse (x1) 
-Instructions including wiring diagrams