Process West Intake Manifold Street Version (04-21 STI)

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  • Street version
  • Full billet aluminum plenum 
  • Biller bell mouth ended runners
  • CNC mandrel bent tube components
  • Billet/polished finish
  • The manifold is the result of years of research and testing, multiple prototypes and ground-up redesign of the original groundbreaking “Corsa Veloce" product range
  • High-end TIG welding assembly makes them suitable for up to 100psi boosted applications
  • The plenum volume and runner length combination has been selected for aggressive low and mid-range torque while opening up power higher in the rev range
  • The plenum volume is large enough for serious gains but is still compatible with factory AC
  • The Street version is suitable for any level of performance modification as they have conducted tests on completely stock engine/turbo/fuel system setups with approximately 9% gains in torque and power level, with the same percentage gain on highly modified setups running E85
  • For a fully streetable but aggressive setup, while retaining the comfort of AC, the Street version manifold is the solution