IAG Performance V3 Street Series Air / Oil Separator (2004-2007 STI & 2006-2007 WRX)

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This is the IAG Performance V3 Street Series Air / Oil Separator. This latest design prevents harmful oil or vapors from coating your intake system which can lead to a lack of performance and long-term engine damage.

  • Keeping oil out of the engine intake tract is extremely important in preventing premature mechanical failure and maintaining performance
  • Prevents oil from coating the internal portions of the intake, intercooler, and piping
  • Prevents premature failure of the rubber or silicone hoses, which can lead to failed connections
  • Once the oil reaches the intake tract it will directly enter the intake manifold and then the combustion chamber of the engine
  • Oil inside of the combustion chamber can cause detonation and preignition, high emissions, smoke, loss of power, decreased gas mileage, and even catastrophic engine failure leading to expensive repair bills
  • The Street Series maintains the OEM PCV system functionality but supplements its capacity
  • The AOS PCV discharge gasses return to the turbo inlet, retaining a PCV valve to draw additional suction, improving air oil separation
  • Protects from oil dilution and lubrication failures in ethanol-fueled application because the Street Series AOS captures fuel vapors out of the oil and returns these vapors to the intake tract for combustion
  • Protects from both oil entrainment in the intake flow and oil dilution in the engine's lubrication system far better than the OEM PCV system alone