IAG Performance V3 Competition Series Air Oil Separator (08-14 WRX) 08+ STI

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This is the IAG Performance V3 Competition Series Air / Oil Separator. Competition Series AOS are “Competition Only” components for installation exclusively on “Competition” vehicles or “Racing” vehicles not subject to pollution control. IAG recommends the Competition Series AOS for Competition vehicles with greater than 600 WHP output. With that being said this AOS system fights hard for your engine by preventing harmful oil and vapors from harming the performance of your vehicle under high-performance and competition driving conditions.  


  • Keeping oil out of the engine intake tract is extremely important in preventing premature mechanical failure and maintaining performance
  • Prevents oil from coating the internal portions of the intake, intercooler, and piping
  • Prevents premature failure of the rubber or silicone hoses, which can lead to failed connections
  • Once the oil reaches the intake tract it will directly enter the intake manifold and then the combustion chamber of the engine
  • Oil inside of the combustion chamber can cause detonation and preignition, high emissions, smoke, loss of power, decreased gas mileage, and even catastrophic engine failure leading to expensive repair bills  

  • The Competition Series vents the PCV gases to the atmosphere via a large 1” diameter vent hose
  • All oil in the CCV systems is prevented from entering the intake tract. IAG’s V3 AOS also eliminates the OEM PCV valve which is known to fail in high horsepower applications