COBB Tuning Air Oil Separator Black/Red "AOS" (2015+ WRX)

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  • Billet aluminum tank design
  • Bespoke COBB anodizing on caps
  • Wrinkle black powder-coated canister
  • Laser-etched COBB logo
  • Developed in partnership with IAG Performance
  • 4" OD and a 5.75" height
  • Heat shielding on crankcase breather and oil return lines
  • Coolant bleeder valve
  • Port connections from the AOS to the cylinder head and to the top of the block
  • The bottom of the canister is shaped like a snail which redirects positive crank pressure into the same swirl pattern produced by the 3 side ports which allows for maximum oil drainage while separating oil from the air in all of the venting ports
  • The backplate of the AOS features a unique coolant routing system that heats the entire AOS to the same temperature of the engine which maximizes the evaporation of any water collecting inside of the can 
  • Includes hardware, hoses, and the fittings