AEM X-Series In-Line Wideband Controller

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  • Lets you datalog your wideband/AFR into your AccessPort
  • Perfect for E-Tuning and displays on AccessPort screen
  • X-series inline wideband UEGO AFR controller was the fastest responding wideband a/f controller in an independent test when compared to 17 other competitors
  • Patented X-Digital Technology
  • Includes a Bosch 4.9 LSU wideband UEGO sensor
  • Factory calibrated resistor does not require free-air calibration, but technology allows for free-air calibration as the sensor ages if the user desires
  •  Compatible with vehicle/system voltages up to 16V
  • 0-5V and RS232 output for data logging and feedback control, AEMnet (canbus) for data logging, and daisy-chaining multiple controllers up to 16 cylinders
  • Weather-resistant, low-profile design
  • Provides fast and accurate AFR readings
  • A must-have for those with modifications and a tune
  • Reads from 8.5:1 to 18.0:1 on 5V gasoline values